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Галерија Дома > Corn Dog Vehicle

Modeled Corn Dog Vehicle


додадени фајлови: 29 , додадени на 27 ноември 2008

Disneyland's Corn Dog Vehicle


додадени фајлови: 2 , додадени на 07 јануари 2008



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Случајни фајлови - Corn Dog Vehicle
Here is the truck with the separate refrigerator positioned as they will be after I finish painting the street. The 'fridge' was fabricated from styrene with the lid handle made from .006" brass wire.
Now the truck has received basic painting.
A cowl was made from .060" styrene and placed between the hood and the cab.
The truck has just a couple of more details needed to be complete.

Последно додадени - Corn Dog Vehicle
27 ноември 2008
10 февруари 2008
If you look closely, the man at the service window of the truck (left of view) is holding a little girl who is passing the money to the cast member inside the vehicle. The girl second in line is on her celular phone, no doubt informing the party on the other end of the menu selection. I still have another set of table and chairs to add under the third umbrella to the right but, hey, we're almost done here. 10 февруари 2008
Yes, the corn dog truck is open and already there's a line for these delicious treats. I still have a few more details to add -like condiments, straws and napkins on the table- plus a few more figures. Already the scene on East Plaza Street is "alive" with activity. Creating these scenes is one of my favorite parts of modeling.10 февруари 2008
10 февруари 2008
10 февруари 2008


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