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The other horse that came with the Preiser set did not really have the proper posture for pulling a Street-Car. Initially, the horse was just put into our box of unused details but after some time, I recalled seeing a horse being changed-out at the park and an idea struck. The horse was almost perfect for modeling one being led to -or from- the Street-Car stopped at Town Square. All I needed was a suitable N scale cast member figure. A little searching through our scale population turned up a Preiser German police officer that had the proper pose, a hat, and tie. A little carving was needed to turn his coat into a vest and then, with the correct paint, he looked just right for the job! I glued the horse and figure to a base made from .010" styrene so they would keep their spacing while I made the reins from .005" styrene sheet. I like the way this little scenario turned out and the scene adds more interest to our model.
Here's a view of our two working horses and the additional horse and cast member.
New reins were made from .008" brass wire and new draw bars from .012" brass wire. I also painted the square blinders over Orva's eyes and on our other horse too. I may try to fabricate some blinders from thin plastic sheet but I'll stick with the painted ones for now.
One of our favorite horses currently working on Main Street is named Orva. She has a beautiful coat ranging from nearly pure white to almost black with light spots scattered amongst the main portion of her body. I tried to replicate this coloring and employ Orva on our model. We have a couple of photos of the real Orva in our "Disneyland's Horse Drawn Street-car" file.
For our second Street-Car, I took a draft horse from a Preiser N scale wagon set. The wagon I bought came with a team of two horses. Tahnee felt the one with its head down looked more typical of the posture of Disneyland's steeds while drawing guests down Main Street. So, I clipped the supplied reins and carefully removed the supplied horse from the base. Here is a photo of the new horse hitched up.
Tahnee was right. The red Dapper Dan looks better on the running board. We have a photo of the real Dapper Dans 'hangin' out' on a Street Car in the "Disneyland's Horse Drawn Street-Car" file.
I've added six passengers and the Dapper Dans to one of our Street-Cars. Initially, I had the 'red' Dapper Dan posed inside the car. I later decided (okay, Tahnee suggested) he'd be more visable out on the running board, so, he has been relocated.
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