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With the addition of a cast member conductor we're loaded and ready to roll on up to the Central Plaza. All I need to do now is install 'guests' on the right side lower deck, add the destination sign on the front of the upper deck, and stripe the canopy (yikes!).
"Yes, you can sit up front. Climb on up here." Note the brass grab rail made from .008" brass wire. The battery has now been 'blacked-out' with some flat black paint and, with the figures added, its intrusion into the cockpit area isn't really noticeable anymore.
The steering wheel has now been installed along with the headlights. If you look closely in the cockpit views you can also spy the shift and hand-brake levers! The headlights are made from .080" styrene rod with rings of .010" X .018" brass bar. They were attached to the chassis with .012" brass wire "L" support brackets. Each headlight assembly contains four separate parts. Also, a brass radiator cap has been added from .012" brass wire.
Here's a shot of the steering wheel I fabricated from .010" brass wire (for the rim) and .010" ABS for the spokes. This is the second wheel I had to make as I lost the first one into our carpet! Oh well.
Additional painting has been completed and a driver takes his place. The graphics were made from reducing a post card on a copy machine to the correct size and then cutting them out. This was also done to add the guests in the windows to the lower level. This is a simple but effective 'trick.' The wheels were painted a light ivory and Italian red.
It's starting to look like something at this point.
The removeable canopy was made from .010" styrene sheet.
N-scale 'guests' have taken their place aboard the upper deck. N-scale photo-etched stainless steel mesh has been installed to keep the kids from falling off.
The passenger seat is installed. Note that it has had to be trimmed to clear the battery.
The front axle assembly has been re-installed, the hood, radiator, firewall and driver's seat fabricated from styrene. The front fenders were made from .010" ABS plastic and supported over the wheels by brass rod. Steps from ABS sheet attached to the chassis also support the fenders behind the wheels. A brass rod here locates the position of the future steering column.
Painting underway. I mixed the color from Testors Hobby Enamels using French Blue, #1124 Gloss Green, and Gloss Black. The model was sprayed with an airbrush.
Here the front axle assembly has been removed and the bench seats masked for painting.
An N-scale worker has been added here to show the relative size of the vehicle.
The bench seats have been made from Evergreen brand scribed styrene N-scale passenger car siding and installed. The canopy roof supports are being installed. These are made from .010" X .018" brass bar. The staircase is made from styrene strips with .010" ABS plastic wraps. The white area along the roof of the first level is .010" styrene pieces to 'flush-out' this area with the brass canopy supports and also forms the top of the lower level's windows.
Here the 'box' that conceals the electrics and forms the first level of the Omnibus has been placed on the chassis. This box was made from .020" ABS sheet plastic and is removeable. Note that a clearance hole had to be opened-up to clear the battery. This is okay as the battery will be hidden by the upper level's bench seats.
The lower rocker-panel area was made from Bass wood and shaped to form the nice curvature of the body-work. I then created the wheel-wells before attaching the panels to the chassis by sanding the area away with my Dremel tool. Fenders were fabricated from .010" ABS sheet.
We are installing a working motorized Omnibus on our platform. To do this, we have purchased a Faller Car System N-scale starter set that comes with a Mercedes truck. To build our Omnibus, I first had to remove the Mercedes truck body-work from the chassis. I decided it would be fun to model the original Disneyland Omnibus from 1956 (see "Disneyland's Omnibus" file). I removed about 1/16" from the wheelbase to shorten it up a bit. The chassis was then epoxied back together. The large green object here is the battery
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