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Underside view of wiring for the lamp light. Gently pull the wiring to remove the bulb from the lamp.
An original micro-lamp. These are easily replaced by simply pulling them down through the post and unplugging. To replace the bulb one must remove the plug and re-connect it to the new lamp's leads. A small piece of foam rubber (seen here to the right of the bulb) is gently pushed up the post after the lamp has been installed to keep the bulb in position.
We've opted to replace the lamps on Main Street with smaller Marklin Z scale lamps. The original supplied streetlamp is on the left and the Marklin unit to the right. And yes, they light up too!
This is a view of a hole where a street lamp once was. We removed the street lamp by gently rocking it from side to side then pulling it from the base.
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