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The wonderful thing about Tiggers is...they're bright! The base will be cut away and a brass wire inserted in a hole drilled up into one paw to allow a clean installation into our diorama.
First, flourescent orange (Testors Model-Master #FS 28915) was used to replicate Tigger's luminous hide. Then, matte black stripes and gloss black eyes and snout complete this character.
Primered with white matte enamel. White is necessary to keep the orange overcoat appearing really bright.
A tail of brass wire 'installed.'
The ears are made from thin slices of .040 styrene rod secured with super glue.
Continued refining of the head profile.
A hole is drilled (no comments please!) to receive a tail made from .020" brass wire.
Sculpting the basic profile using a hobby knife and abrassive 'sanding sticks.'
Now this looks pretty scary, huh? I applied a 'drop' of Bondo putty over the head to begin the re-shaping process.
The first step is to remove Pluto's ears and snout with a needle file and Dremel tool. (following sequence)
These first two shots are for reference.
Making Tigger from Pluto was an idea that came while working on the Plaza Inn piece. I wanted to create a scene of a lucky young guest having a "My Disneyland Birthday" celebration on the Inn's dining patio area. These birthdays feature appearances by Disney characters and I needed one for this diorama. After looking over the Olszewski Fab Five pack, I decided on Pluto. However, it became clear that when installed on the Plaza Inn piece, Pluto's neutral tan color wouldn't stand out and the scene would go un-noticed when our model was viewed. Hmmmm. Looking over some photos Tahnee had shot of the Plaza Inn, the answer jumped right out at me. What we needed was a brightly costumed character and there is none more 'luminous' than the bright orange and black Tigger! Trouble was, we didn't have one. Looking at pluto with a bit more scrutiny, I concluded that it wouldn't be too difficult to convert this dog into a cat. Fortunately, we have purchased 'extra' Fab Five packs with the possibility these kinds of projects might arrise. We've used one of our Mickeys for a 50th Anniversary project on the Disneyland RR Main Street station piece. Well, I'm up to the challenge so, here goes.
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