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This patriotically-attired music ensemble was modeled using Preiser and Woodland Scenics figures. Five of the members are Preiser while one -the banjo player- is from WS. Donald Duck, of course, is from the Olszewski Fab Five pack. All band members had their lower portions removed from the waist down and replaced with those from other figures because the Preiser band figures come in Bavarian style costumes. Heads were all exchanged with those having suitable hats. I had to extend the neck of the banjo instrument because it was not formed during the factory molding process. All that was left to do was paint them. My photos taken of this group at Disneyland over different visits revealed that the red, white, and blue costumes can vary in color combinations and patterns amongst the members. This was a fun little project that will add some interest (and color) on our Main Street model. They will be installed in front of the Disney Showcase store on the east side of Town Square. Now, if only I could remember the name of this ensemble! Can anyone help out here?
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