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Well, here goes!(pun intended) The Olszewski Triton Gardens piece needs to be "decompressed" to suit our model layout. To accomplish this, the main scenic elements have to be separated. The easiest way to perform this is with a bandsaw. Here, the Snow White wishing well along with the waterfall and figurines are cut away. Prior to the cutting, all the electronics have been removed form the underside.
Here the new landscape form has been painted a flat brown color as a base for the application of model landscape materials. The stream bed has also been painted a dark murky green.
The landscape form has now been covered with Sculpy modeling compound to blend the original Olszewski element into the area.
Here the landscape form to the right of the waterfall area has been built up with blue insulation polystyrene.
The detail enhancements have been completed and the sculpture is now ready to install on our model. Note that the log bridge that three dwarfs are on has been dry-brushed with flat grey paint to lighten the appearance and highlight the bark detail.
Here the juniper tree by the entrance to the dwarf's mine has been coated with a green sawdust product from Highball. This adds another texture and variety to the overall landscape. Variety of textures and colors is very important to creating believable scale landscapes.
This is a close-up of the enhanced scenic detailing. Different colored finely ground foam has been applied with white glue representing different plants and flowers. Commercial hobby "folliage" has also been used to blend the original shrubbery on the edges into new additions.
In this shot I have begun to add scenic details to the sculpture. I first darkened the the area of the waterfall to represent "wet" rock and then carefully painted the water itself using gloss white enamel. The trick is to make it look like actual falling water. All of the rock-work has been repainted and dry-brushed to highlights and bring out the details.
The waterfall area has been carefully trimmed down to the scenic essentials. Trees surrounding this area will be replaced later once the elements have been positioned on our model. Notice that the log bridge with three of the dwarves has been removed to facilitate detailing the waterfall and recoloring the water.
Here is the backside of the waterfall/figurines element. The underside is fairly hollow which will make installing the speaker for the wishing well audio track very easy.
The waterfall/figurines element can be easily removed from the base with some gentle coaxing. This makes detailing much easier.
Here the positioning of the element on our model is underway. I couldn't get the angle of the waterfall to the castle correct without the positioning of the bridge rotating to far towards the moat. The only solution was to free the bridge from the base with my bandsaw.
The bridge is successfully cut away. Now it can be positioned on our model independently of the other elements of the well/waterfall scene.
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