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Modified Frontierland Gateway


23 files, last one added on Jan 19, 2009

Olszewski's Frontierland Gateway


Released in September 2007 for $210 (includes Adventureland Gateway)

9 files, last one added on Sep 30, 2007

Disneyland's Frontierland Gateway


6 files, last one added on Sep 30, 2007


3 albums on 1 page(s)

Random files - Frontierland Gateway
The tower to the left of the entrance was removed so it could be positioned a little farther away. This will mean extending the stockade wall to incorporate it back into the fort structure.
Here I'm separating the Adventureland entrance from the Frontieland area. The big grove of bamboo was removed from the area where the blade is shown in this view.
To prepare the Frontierland piece for our model I first began with the removal of the trees. This is necessary in order to be able to pass the piece through my band saw.

Last additions - Frontierland Gateway
Jan 19, 2009
Here the bridge has bee temporarilly installed. This is the south side. The hand railing was constructed from brass rod. The 'stones' were individually cut from .010" styrene strips ranging from .040" to .100". The park paving from the Plaza Hub and Frontieland stockade entrance leading to the wood planking on the bridge will be added once the bridge has been permanently installed.Jan 19, 2009
Construction of the bridge to Frontierland is underway. Styrene and bass wood planking are used.Dec 14, 2008
Here's a view of the underside. Note that the wood planking overhangs the styrene support at the center.Dec 14, 2008
Oct 15, 2008
Here the pattern outlining the waterway to the left of the entrance has been traced onto the blue isulation board with a push-pin. This will be cut-out using my hot wire foam scroll table.Oct 15, 2008


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