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Main Street U.S.A.

Includes Main Street Buildings and Music Files


Home > Candy Palace ~ Refreshment Corner. Shop addresses 211-217 > Modified Candy Palace~Refreshment Corner
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"Sorry Rod, but you need a make over, and we need to fill Coca-Cola Corner with guests!"
Rod and his piano were delicately removed by the following prcedure: 1) Carefully plot and mark the center of the piano on the underside of the base. Carefully measure and draw the outline of the piano base. 2) Use a 1/4" drill to create a hole under the piano. DO NOT DRILL TOO DEEP OR ALL THE WAY THROUGH! 3) Use a Dremel Tool with a round cutter bit to mine-out the area underneath the piano progressing SLOWLY. Eventually you will remove the material to the point when the piano can be broken free with very little effort. 4) fill the hole with a piece of plastic and fill any imperfections with putty.