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Main Street U.S.A.

Includes Main Street Buildings and Music Files


Home > Carnation Cafe ~ Bakery ~ Ice Cream Parlor & Penny Arcade. Shop addresses 201-209 > Modified Carnation Cafe ~ Bakery ~ Ice Cream Parlor & Penny Arcade
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The level of the Carnation Cafe's floor (West Center Street) was about .020" lower than the matching level on our New Century Clock piece which forms the other half of West Center Street. I didn't want to raise the entire Carnation piece to mate-up so, I decided to raise the levl of the floor instead. This was accomplished by adding strips of .020" styrene along the edge and also adding pieces in the awkward area around the patio screen shown here. I didn't want to mar the screen by attempting to sand any filler in this location, so, filling this area with styrene was the 'cleanest' way to do this. Auto body filler was again used to fill and blend the patio area to the new level. Note also the sanding of the brick wall which was necessary to close the gap between the New Century and Carnation pieces.