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Main Street U.S.A.

Includes Main Street Buildings and Music Files


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Modified Emporium


30 files, last one added on Feb 10, 2010

Olszewski's Emporium


Released in December 2004 for $180

9 files, last one added on Jul 29, 2007

Disneyland's Emporium


2 files, last one added on Sep 26, 2007


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Random files - Emporium. Shop addresses 101-105
September, 2007Curiosity finally got the better of Anne Salisbury, who works at the Emporium. On several occasions, she had noticed a little old man, cane in hand, obviously enamored with the horse-drawn vehicles of his boyhood days. Finally, Anne aproached the elderly gentleman and asked if he was having fun. "Sure am," he replied. "What do you like best about Disneyland?," Anne inquired. Said the little old man, "I can jaywalk here!" (Vacationland, Winter 1961-62)
After the band saw operations, some refining and removal of material in some of the tighter corners was done with a Dremel tool. The piece is now prepared and ready for the modifications.
Based on my experience with modifying the other pieces (mostly the Opera House-Mad Hatter-Bank piece), I decided it would be easier to construct and modify the roofs and backstage areas by removing these areas altogether with my band saw. This is the result of the band saw process.1 comments
The main roof (from .060" styrene sheet stock) has been installed.

Last additions - Emporium. Shop addresses 101-105
Feb 10, 2010
This overhead view shows the completed construction. Painting and detailing are next.Jan 28, 2010
The structure with the sloping roof (actually housing the restroom facilities at the end of west Center Street) is only about 2/3rds complete because it overlaps the back stage area of the Carnation Cafe piece -which will be worked on next.Jan 28, 2010
The roof extension has been painted to blend with the pre-existing one on the sculpture.Jan 28, 2010
The main back stage walls are painted a pale green on the west side structures to help camoflage them from being viewed by guests on the nearby Jungle Cruise.Jan 28, 2010
Two doors installed. These will be painted grey later.Jan 28, 2010