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Main Street U.S.A.

Includes Main Street Buildings and Music Files


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Speaker cover in place above the Disney Showcase. These worked out very well in concealing the speakers.
The speaker cover in place above the Hotel Marceline.
These are the speaker covers for the Hotel Marceline (on left) and the Disney Showcase locations. They were made from .040" styrene sheet and covered with an open weave ribbon, then painted.
The speaker has been installed above the Hotel Marceline. Sound effects of "bath time" will be played here.
The Main Street Lockers facility is very busy today.
Here's the "cigar store Indian" at the curb in front of the, er, "20th Century Music Company." Huh? It occured to me that Park guests under 30 years of age probably have no idea why this Indian sculpture is here on Main Street. The music store was originally a tobacco shop until 1990. After the change of merchandise type, the Indian has defiantly remained standing proud with his gaze directed towards distant Frontierland. Probably just a coincidence, I suppose.
This view shows the new window pane for the door next to the cinema. It was made by reducing a photograph.
The completed "cigar store Indian."
Can you guess what I'm making here?1 comments
I added a couple of theater-goers heading into the Cinema for some laughs at the old Disney Mickey Mouse cartoons shown inside. Laughs, and to soak up some air-conditioning too! Notice the new graphics on the marquee and the addition of the promotional banners.
Way to go, lady! Bags full of Olszewski pieces I hope! I just had to add several window shoppers peering into our favorite shop, Disneyana, of course!
A little brain teaser for you: what item at the Park is missing from this photo? (hint: it is not included with the Olszewski piece. Looks like I'm in for another fun little side project!) The guest leaning against the Cinema wall under the music shop awning helps to obscure an unsightly gap where the Disney Showcase and Market House pieces come together.
Photo-etched brass trim installed along the roof edges. The original flag pole base support was cut away and a hole was drilled to insert the pole into.
The new locker facility and drinking fountain/cast member gate are just about ready to install.
Guests milling about the Market House.
I always like to have some fun with the placement of model guests, and here's another example. The selection of commercially available model railroad figurines is pretty good in N-scale (about half of what is available for H:O-scale) but it still is challenging to use some that are intended to populate RR station platforms or bus-stops because many are made burdened with luggage for extended rail journeys. Well, I employed a bit of tongue-in-cheek here, and placed a bunch heading for the Main Street Lockers to store all that extra cumbersome baggage in order to better enjoy their Park visit. 1 comments
The 'ring' on the ground is a planter where a large tree will go which gives shade to this area.
This view shows the replacement of the original trees. Note the grating installed at the base.
The newly installed wall overlay for the Hotel Marceline has been painted and the tiny globe lamps installed.
Here you can clearly see the tight confines of this alleyway at the end of east Center Street!
The new Main Street Locker and Storage facility is in place at the end of east Center Street. There is a large tree located just over the drinking faucet wall and I'm testing the look and placement of it here.
Here is the nearly complete Main Street Lockers and Storage facility with the new cast member gate and modified drinking faucet wall. A new upper latice was made too. The globe lamps are visible to either side of the entance.
These are the globe light fixtures that will go on the new wall of the Hotel Marceline. A slightly larger pair were made for either side of the entrance to the locker facility.
Here I've made the new wall overlay from .020" sheet styrene and have fabricated the window. This is the wall oposite the entrance of the Locker and Storage facility and will be glued to the side of the Hotel Marceline.
In this view the new locker building (walls) has been assembled and placed to check position and clearance.
Main Street Lockers and Storage is usually the first "attraction" I experience at the park. There's not much room but we'll squeeze it in.The first step was to remove the drinking faucet and cast member gate. This was done with a Xacto knife handle with a fine saw blade. The marring of the wall is okay as this will be covered with a new overlay containing the new window. Once the original wall and gate were removed I proceded to remove the landscaping and level the base. This was achieved with careful use of a Dremel tool.
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