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Main Street U.S.A.

Includes Main Street Buildings and Music Files


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November, 2007
November, 2007
November, 2007While fillin' my new pipe, I saw a short little man come on in to the Market House, and his wonderful brogue identified him as one of our many guests from Ireland. He walked over to the counter and hungrily eyed a delicious-lookin' piece of artificial cheese. He asked the storekeeper how the cheese was sold. She replied, "It's wax, sir." He quizzically looked at her for a moment, then replied, "Well, I'll take a couple of whacks!" (Vacationland, winter/spring 1964)
Listen in on a party-line on the old fashioned Market House phones.
Disneyland's Market House features an authentic pot bellied stove.
June, 2007
September, 2007
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