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Main Street U.S.A.

Includes Main Street Buildings and Music Files


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June, 2007
June, 2007
June, 2007
July, 2007
July, 2007Tour Guide Marilyn Hughes was watchin' a small boy named Steve, who was on her tour, leanin' over the water near the Mark Twain dock, watchin' the ducks swimmin' in the river. Fearful that he might fall in, she called to him, "Stevie, what are you doing?" A passin' man looked at her in surprise, shook his head and then approached her. "Do you know all the ducks by name?" he said. (Vacationland, winter/spring 1964)
July, 2007Disneyland's red-clad Tour Guides are evidently making quite a hit with the visitors. The pretty little misses escort guests around the Park, and provide an especially good way for the first-time visitor to see the Magic Kingdom. Seems like one manufacturer was so impressed with his Guide that he sent her a present: one dozen pair of knee-length red woolen stockings, just like the ones all the girls wear! (Vacationland, fall 1963)
July, 2007Tour Guide Whitney Smith told me another one about the Rainbow Caverns. After getting off the train a small girl whispered to Whitney: "I saw my mommy and daddy kissing in the dark!) (Vacationland, fall 1963)
September, 2007
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