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Main Street U.S.A.

Includes Main Street Buildings and Music Files


Home > Disney Showcase ~ Magic Shop ~ 20th Century Music Company. Shop addresses 100-106 > Modified Disney Showcase ~ Magic Shop ~ 20th Century Music Company

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A clear shot showing a man about to pick up a dollar bill he spotted on the sidewalk. The unsuspecting man is about to be tricked by the young boy, sitting on the stairs, who recently visited the Magic Shop- hmmm I wonder what trick the boy bought from the Magic Shop. Looks like the man fell for it- hook, line, and sinker!
Guests are starting to be drawn to Donald and the happy sounds of the "Main Street Straw Hatters."
The finished lattice-work
This view displays the paintwork done to the Disney Showcase: all of the awnings have been re-colored and the roof has been painted copper with jade 'weathering' effects.
Finally the flowers have bloomed above the music shop.
Three flower planters installed.
I'm installing the photo-etched brass and styrene lattice-work above the cast member area. It has yet to be painted.
This is one of three flower planters I made for the patio area from various styrene strips.
Here's a shot of one of the four street lamps that are required with this block of buildings (Disney Showcase and Market House) which has had flower 'baskets' added. The 'baskets' are nothing more than 1/8" X 3/32" slices of styrene rod which were drilled with a #80 bit, painted flat green and glued onto the cross-rods on the posts. They were then covered with fine green scenic foam before two colors of 'flowers' were added. These will add a lot of color down Main Street which will help 'pull' the pink shades of Sleeping Beauty castle towards Town Square. The lamps are Marklin #601224 Z-scale accessories and -amazingly- do light up!
This is an overhead view of the block I'm working on. I have previously expoxied the "Disney Showcase" and "Market House" pieces together -the Showcase is to the upper left with the Market House in the upper right. The large rectangular structure in the lower right is the new locker facility with the roof yet to be painted. If you've been following the progress over the months you'll remember that I constructed a locker facility before. When the project grew from a standard Olszewski Main Street, USA Platform to a model of the entire Park, we now had room for a 'full-size' model of this building and expanded back stage areas on our custom built module. A new facade of the locker facility is was neccessitated too, and this can be viewed in the "Modified Market House" file.
Here the flower planter above the music shop has had green finely ground scenic foam (JTT Tree) applied but the flowers have yet to bloom.
The courtyard has been re-paved with brick paper and the structural addition with the cast member doors and globe lamps to the right is complete. The planters and other courtyard details will be added soon. I'm probably going to add another character/guest scenario here but I haven't decided on which it will be yet.
Donald and the Main Street Straw Hatters.
The green object at the sidewalk edge is the base where a Marklin 'gas' lamp will be inserted.
I have installed Donald and the 6-piece ensemble "The Main Street Straw Hatters" where I photographed them performing at the Park. Guests enjoying the entertainment will be added soon. You can see photos of how I created this ensemble in the "Modified Disneyland Band" file. Donald, of course, is from the Olszewski "Fab Five" set but I added a small drum and a drum stick to his 'wings.'
The structure to the right of the photo is the locker facility (south side). There is a short platform with access to what I speculate to be a maintenance room which contains air-conditioning units and main computers for the locker area.
The doorway next to the stairway leads to the Disneyana shop -certainly one of our favorites!
Stairways to allow roof access and railings have been installed. The free-standing rectangular building is a cast member break area.
This view shows the new roof shingles. The original roof texture wasn't molded crisply on our piece. I sanded the original surface smooth and then cut pieces to fit from a plastic N-scale shingle sheet. Before installing the pieces I sanded them to about .015" thick to preserve the original look and prevent the roof from appearing too bulky. I then applied them with CA glue.
This view shows a complete repainting of all the awnings on the Disney Showcase storefront.
Although not too easy to see, I made a panel from styrene that covers up the lower portion of the side of the Cinema's brick wall. It appears under the awning of the New Century Music shop and has been painted two-tone grey to match the lower portion of the Cinema. The brick wall does not extend all the way down to the sidewalk.
The back stage offices, restrooms and storage structures are complete. The freestanding rectangular structure towards the bottom of the photo is a cast member break area. The hole for a 1.5" speaker has been cut into the roof of the Disney Showcase store. The speaker will play music from the six piece ensemble that will be performing on the sidewalk in front of the Disney Showcase.
The work on the back stage area is progressing. The appearance of the roofs has been cleaned up by eliminating several of the outlines. Offices, cast member restrooms and storage structures are taking shape. All original landscaping and brick textured walls are gone.
The rear facades have been cleaned-up (no expensive brick work back stage) by applying thin styrene sheet stock. Offices and other structures are taking shape. The 'dark' door is the rear of the Disneyana shop.
I've added styrene strips along the roof outlines so I can glue styrene sheet over them to clean-up and eliminate several of the roof outlines -there just aren't that many individual roof sections up there :>)
This is the new wall with fancy cast member door that will go on the right side of the courtyard. The globe lamps have been fabricated too.
Speaker installed.
A 1.5" hole has been cut for a speaker.
With all the flowers and details completed all that's left is to close in the balcony with railing.
Flower pots and photo-etched railing being installed.
Photo-etched table and chairs added on the balcony.
Filling the gap with grooved styrene sheet stock.
I've removed the original railings so I can add details to the baconies.
Here is the new position of the courtyard area. You can see the 3/8" gap on the left side of the photo.
Once I had the main portion removed I also removed the right extension. This will be fabricated and made about 3/8" longer and include a couple of doorways. The patio area with the trees and flower boxes will go next.
A bit more challenging was the separation of the old coffee shop and "site of future sites" portion. This is necessary (for me) in order to re-position this part about 3/8" farther back from the street and to fabricate a couple of cast member only doorways.
The rear landscaping is gone with two cuts.
It's okay if the band sawing mars the rear of the buildings as these will all be re-modeled anyway.
Well, about a year and a half has passed since I last worked on this piece. I decided that before this piece was installed on the model I wanted to 'adjust' the area facing towards the Opera House. This would require employing my band saw to make the changes. Here, the saw's 'laser' guide is lined up where I'm going to remove the landscaping on the rear of the piece. Having been a cast member at the park, I can tell you the appearance of the backstage area isn't anything like the utopian look of the standard pieces (you're shocked I can tell). I aim to represent the back stage areas a bit more accurately and, therefore, I have to remove these green patches from the back of the structures.
Here's a scene of some trickery going on just outside the Magic Shop. The man has spotted a dollar bill on the sidewalk and thinks it's his lucky day. What he doesn't see is the almost invisible line attached to the bill. Just as he's about to grab it the boy on the stairs pushes the button on his spring-loaded recoil device and yanks it back. The is one of the many gags sold at the Magic Shop. Oh, please don't ask why I was inspired to recreate this scenario.
The key to installing the brick paper is patience. I'll be showing how I do this in an upcoming file.
The completed piece with the new tree planted. Notice the photo etched grating at the base of the trunk. I'll be showing how I do this in a later file. All we need now is the cigar store Indian in front of the Tabacco...err, Magic Shop.
Here's a good look at the ADA driveway. It was a bit tricky to install the brick paper around the balcony posts! The base for our Marklin gas lamp has also been installed.
Here's the piece with the new brick sidewalk installed.
I have drawn a line here relocating the curb edge. I then used a Dremel tool to grind away the street to the level necessary to blend it in to the Main Street roadway piece. This created a new curb separating the street from the sidewalk. The photo was taken on a white table so there is almost no visable contrast between the Disney Showcase piece and the work surface!
This shot shows the Disney Showcase piece prior to removal of the lightposts and trash cans. These are cleared away so the re-paving of the sidewalks with brick paper can begin.
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