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Main Street U.S.A.

Includes Main Street Buildings and Music Files


Home > Carnation Cafe ~ Bakery ~ Ice Cream Parlor & Penny Arcade. Shop addresses 201-209 > Modified Carnation Cafe ~ Bakery ~ Ice Cream Parlor & Penny Arcade

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The level of the Carnation Cafe's floor (West Center Street) was about .020" lower than the matching level on our New Century Clock piece which forms the other half of West Center Street. I didn't want to raise the entire Carnation piece to mate-up so, I decided to raise the levl of the floor instead. This was accomplished by adding strips of .020" styrene along the edge and also adding pieces in the awkward area around the patio screen shown here. I didn't want to mar the screen by attempting to sand any filler in this location, so, filling this area with styrene was the 'cleanest' way to do this. Auto body filler was again used to fill and blend the patio area to the new level. Note also the sanding of the brick wall which was necessary to close the gap between the New Century and Carnation pieces.
What, no kiosk?! The reception kiosk of our Carnation Cafe' has been removed and will be relocated. The process for removing it is the same I employed with the removal of the piano from the Coke Refreshment Corner project. Our Carnation Cafe' piece required realigning of the sidewalk edge in order for the storefronts to be parallel to Main Street. The edge was corrected by adding strips of styrene and then sanding to the proper angle. Also, the sidewalk needed to be raised towards the Penny Arcade end to keep the curb somewhat even along the entire edge of this piece. Styrene strips were again added and then sanded to the correct contour. Auto body filler was then used to fill and blend the sidewalk level from the storefronts to the new curb edge. Once this was sanded, the sidewalk was now ready for the adding of details like the fireplug, tree gratings, and gas lamp base. The hole shown here is for the gas lamp installation while the X marks the location for a tree to be planted.
Once all the preparation of the sidewalk and patio areas was completed I could then begin to add our brick paper to create the finished surface. It was a bit tedious working the 'bricks' into all the nooks and crannies -and especially around all the poles! - but I took my time and completed it in about three hours. At the stage shown here, I'm getting close to the point of having to join the brick paper together from the patio to the sidewalk. This will require paying attention to the direction of the lines of bricks where they'll meet-up. Note also that in this view the styrene strips necessary to 'square-up' our Carnation piece to Main Street and to close the gap with the New Century Clock piece are clearly visable.
To form the rear base and back stage area I've cut a piece of Ultraboard and attached it (super glue) to the Olszewski pieces. The Ultraboard fills-out the back stage area along the edge of our Main Street stage (platform).
The Carnation Cafe piece (right of photo) has been glued to the Coke Refreshment Corner/Penny Arcade piece (left of photo).
This part of the back stage area supports some really heavy-duty air conditioning units that are situated up on the roof. Located bellow will be some other mechanical facilities and a cast member break area. The poles are brass rodding and the railing is photo-etched brass. This part of the model is removeable for the time being in order to facilitate adding details.
The pieces have now been boxed-in with the rear wall and roof made of .060" styrene sheet stock.
The structure with the slanted roof (containing the restrooms at the Park) has been extended now and modeled to mate with that on the Emporium/New Century Jewelry piece.
As I've discovered working on the other Main Street pieces (Emporium for example), it's easier to model the back stge areas and roofs by removing everything except the facades of the pieces. With this piece, I have to be careful not to damage the actual Penny Arcade 'box' containing moviolas and Esmeralda too.
The arcade 'box' has been removed.
Her's the arcade 'box' with the amusement machines intact. The back wall will be completely removed before this 'box' is re-installed so it will be illuminated like the rest of the buildings. We'll also add a couple of scale "guests" while we're at it.
Removal of the roof and back stage area is complete. I'll perform some 'clean-up' tasks with some sanding sticks before adding our new roof.
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