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Here is a size comparison between the original flags on the left compared with my reduced flags
Here's another (better) look at the pedestal benches. Also, we have temporarilly installed the 'right' trees now and they look more correct than the deciduous trees seen in previous photos. I have to detail them a bit and then they'll be 'planted' for good. The two kids are a bit anxious to venture into more exciting areas of the park as soon as dad returns with more cash from the Disneyland Bank located just accross the street. At this point, the popcorn cart and drinking fountains are about all that's left model to complete our Town Square.
The flags were simple to make: I cut the Olszewski flags from the pole and reduced them 25% on a color copy machine. Both sides of the flags had to be copied. The sides were then glued sandwiching the thread lanyard line. I was careful to glue both flags to the same line. All that was left to do was to add a bit of curl to them. "Long may yee wave!" Well, at least until 4:30pm :>)
THe base of the pole was formed from various styrene tubing and worked on my Dremel tool like a lathe operation. The very bottom is octagonal shaped as is the 'concrete' foundation. I made a cleat from brass stock and made sure to tie-off the lanyard lines -we can't allow Old Glory to hit the ground!
The flagpole was made from a piece of .045" piano wire. The wire was hand filed to a taper. This was a tedious task but was the only way I could think of to create this shape in an almost indestructible medium. When I was satisfied with the shape, I chucked the wire into my Dremel tool and reduced the wire down further to form the thin support for the gold globe on top. The globe was formed from a small length of styrene rod. Lanyard lines were made from thin thread.
Note the flower bed is roughly the same profile as the overall Town Square piece.
The lanscape island here in the forground is removable -just like with the Olszewski piece- so the Christmas tree can be set up.
I also used Olszewski's beautifully sculpted pedestal benches. They were ground down with a Dremel tool and a sanding drum to thin down the base and repainted. I also added the highly manicured miniature trees to them. These were made from piano wire, Balsa wood, paint and ground foam. The wood was glued to the wire and then shaped. I then painted them olive green before brushing on white glue and coating them with JTT Tree finely ground foam. Holes were drilled into the tops of the flower baskets and the trees were inserted and secured with a bit of super glue.
I made the flagpole base from styrene tubing and turned them in my Dremel tool in a manner like a lathe operation to shape them. Notice the cleat on the pole with the flag lanyard lines tied off.
I used the Olszewski artillery pieces. I re-painted them and installed them on my pedestals.
The trees and flowers really provide for a park-like atmosphere. If you look closely, the gal on the left is clutching a plush Winnie The Pooh. I love adding these small details.
I've obviously added the trees. However, these I temporarily "planted" to get the idea of how Town Square will look when completed. The trees shown here are a bit too full in appearance and don't have quite the right look I'm after. I have other trees on order that have a bit less foliage and are closer to the look we want. The trees are about 1.5" tall.
Tahnee has chosen the flowers and guests are begining to file in.
Okay, looks like we're now ready to plant some flowers in the islands. As soon as Tahnee selects the colors I'll get right on it. :>)
I know you're tempted too, but please don't pick the roses!
This is a good close-up of the flagpole base showing the stepping stones to the Dedication Plaque, the roses, the stantions around the landscaping, and the angled brickwork. Now, I'll try to find some miniature chain to run between the stantions to keep our little guests out of the roses.
In this overhead you can see the finished brickwork. Since no one makes brick sheets in a "Z" pattern for paving purposes, I decided to angle the brick pattern 45 degrees in some areas to represent this -mostly in the circular areas around the flagpole and the coves where the round benches will go.
With all the curbs, fencing, and contrasting 'stones' in place, all that's left now complete the base is to apply the brick paving paper and form the street curb around the perimeter of the piece.
The flagpole base was made by stacking 2 octagonal shaped pieces of .040" styrene. The wedge shaped Dedication Plaque base was then notched into the top layer. It was painted using a somewhat thick coat to simulate a concrete texture. The actual Dedication plaque will be made from a photo I took and reduced to the appropriate size.
I installed one of the Olszewski fireplugs in the appropriate location by drilling a 3/16" hole and then 'sinking' the hydrant to ground level. A base layer of finely ground foam 'grass' from Woodland Scenics was applied to the islands. I used finely sifted real dirt and a touch of fine Woodland Scenics "Turf" for the area surrounding the flagpole base. Everything was secured in place using Woodland Scenics Scenic Cement and a pipette (eyedropper). "Flowers" will be added later.
The curbs surrounding the landscape islands have been painted.
Here's an overhead shot showing the layout of Town Square. At this point, just a few more 'stones' outlining the right-hand artillery piece need to be applied.
To create the decorative contrasting stonework surrounding the artillery pieces and the central flagpole area, I used a compass to draw the circles on a sheet of .010" thick styrene sheet. I then used a protractor to 'divide' the circles every 2 degrees. I then cut the rings from the sheet and then cut the individual 'stones.' Using my penciled outlines as a guide, I applied the 'stones' to the Town Squre base using Testors liquid cement.
I mixed Testors brand #1171 Flat Beret Green and # 1124 Gloss Green in a 50/50 ratio to paint the fencing. Mixing glossy and flat paints results in a nice semi-gloss finish. This is the same color I applied to our Preiser N scale benches to be used throughout the Main Street USA realm. The easiest way to paint the fencing was to use an airbrush.
Here all the fencing has been installed and is awaiting paint.
After the curbing was in place I then applied photo-etched fencing to the inside edges.
After drawing the areas to be landscaped I used .040" X .040" styrene strips to form the curbing around these "islands."
Here is the completed base ready for the landscaping and details.
This shot shows two details: the proximity of the Trolley to our new Town Square curb, and how I had to sand the Trolley tracks level here because our street casting had to much camber through this stretch. After levelling the tracks, I used a hobby knife and a straight-edge to refine the detail of them so they appear as original.
I used Bondo auto body filler to build up the 'ground' and to create the elevation. I built up a layer that was slightly higher then 3/32" at the center marker and tapered it outwards to the base edge. I then used a Sure-Form tool to remove most of the excess Bondo and to roughly grade the elevation. Finally, I used a 100 grit sanding block to carefully bring the Bondo down, tapering the contour down to the edge of the base until I could just see the top of my plastic marker. I then knew I had the proper elevation for the ground of our Town Square piece.
I drilled a 1/16" hole in the center where the flagpole will be. I then cut a small length of 1/16" plastic rod and glued it in place being sure to leave 3/32" of it from the surface. This will set my elevation for the 'ground' which will taper towards the edges (or curb) of the base.
I have a plot plan of the Park that has been enlarged to the same size as the Olszewski Main Street layout. From this I traced the landscaping layout for Town Square onto a piece of paper. I then cut out the landscaping areas to make a stencil. After centering the stencil I then traced the pattern onto my base. This set my flagpole location which I consider the center of Town Square.
I first made a pattern for the Town Square base by trimming a piece of cardboard to fit. I used this to trace the shape onto a piece of 1/4" extruded ABS plastic known commercially as Celutec and Komatex. A piece of wood would work just as well.
After tracing the cardboard pattern onto the plastic, I carefully sanded the shape so it would fit precisely into the enlarged hole (see the Modified Platform files).
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