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Main Street U.S.A.

Includes Main Street Buildings and Music Files


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After the band saw operations, some refining and removal of material in some of the tighter corners was done with a Dremel tool. The piece is now prepared and ready for the modifications.
Based on my experience with modifying the other pieces (mostly the Opera House-Mad Hatter-Bank piece), I decided it would be easier to construct and modify the roofs and backstage areas by removing these areas altogether with my band saw. This is the result of the band saw process.1 comments
.040" styrene pieces are installed to clean-up the appearance of the back of the Emporium.
Here I've begun adding the new exterior walls made from .060" syrene sheet. I chose this thickness for strength (okay, I have a bunch, too).
The inside of the New Century jewelry/clock shop was relieved with a Dremel tool to allow a 20mm speaker to be recessed. The speaker will play the sound of the Omnibus horn when triggered from a reed switch hidden in the roadway below.
The base of Ultra-Board has been attached to the storefronts and all the walls making up the exterior have been added. Notice I've added a strip of .060" X .250" styrene along the base of the walls for strength and also to serve as a buffer to ease with applying the Bondo putty to 'pave' the back stage area. This buffer allows me to spread the putty without having to worry about getting it on the walls or scuffing them during the sanding operation.
The main roof (from .060" styrene sheet stock) has been installed.
As per my photos, the center wall has a door allowing roof access.
To allow the four windows in the overlay to be illuminated, an opening needed to be cut in the wall.
Red Bondo spot putty is used to fill some minor imperfections.
This is the exterior overlay (.020" styrene) that spans the rear wall between the Olszewski piece (Emporium) and the new construction. N-scale windows from Grandt Line were modified and installed.
Here the overlay has been installed.
There is a false roof extension (scenic blind) that I suspect was necessary to prevent guests from viewing unsightly roof details from accross Town Square when standing on the elevated portion of the rear of the Main Street train depot. It was constructed entirely of styrene pieces.
A little spot putty and sanding blends the overlay into the Olzewski sculpture.
The rear of the Emporium/New Century jewelry/clock shop pieces. Notice that the Bondo 'paving' was completed before the shorter extension (to the left) was added.
A speaker will be installed in the roof to play tracks from the "Five Alarm" musical act that performs between the Emporium and Firehouse.
Two doors installed. These will be painted grey later.
The main back stage walls are painted a pale green on the west side structures to help camoflage them from being viewed by guests on the nearby Jungle Cruise.
The roof extension has been painted to blend with the pre-existing one on the sculpture.
The structure with the sloping roof (actually housing the restroom facilities at the end of west Center Street) is only about 2/3rds complete because it overlaps the back stage area of the Carnation Cafe piece -which will be worked on next.
This overhead view shows the completed construction. Painting and detailing are next.
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