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Main Street U.S.A.

Includes Main Street Buildings and Music Files


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Based on my experience with modifying the other pieces (mostly the Opera House-Mad Hatter-Bank piece), I decided it would be easier to construct and modify the roofs and backstage areas by removing these areas altogether with my band saw. This is the result of the band saw process.1 comments01/23/10 at 16:57Tahnee: More "Great Moments With Mr. Bandsaw". ...
1 comments01/17/10 at 00:25Tahnee: I think your speaker is having a bad hair day.
I always like to have some fun with the placement of model guests, and here's another example. The selection of commercially available model railroad figurines is pretty good in N-scale (about half of what is available for H:O-scale) but it still is challenging to use some that are intended to populate RR station platforms or bus-stops because many are made burdened with luggage for extended rail journeys. Well, I employed a bit of tongue-in-cheek here, and placed a bunch heading for the Main Street Lockers to store all that extra cumbersome baggage in order to better enjoy their Park visit. 1 comments12/29/09 at 17:04Tahnee: I don't think the lockers are big enough, look...
Can you guess what I'm making here?1 comments12/29/09 at 16:39Tahnee: Batman wearing a skirt and holding a canoe paddle?...
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