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The hearse decorated for the "holiday season." Okay, that just seems wrong.
"Please have a seat and entertain us with a nice upbeat requiem, won't you?" The Haunted Mansion's pipe organ is the same one seen in Disney's "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" and was part of the "Leagues" exhibit in Tomorrowland before finding its final resting place here.
Your not yet "ghost host" (hey, that's me!) at the control station- "Please remain seated. Your tour will continue shortly." I can tell you my impression of the Haunted Mansion's back-stage areas is even more creepy than the attraction the guests view. With its long connecting corridors, linoleum floors, pale-green hues, intentionally dusty sets and sketchy lighting, the feeling is of an old sanitarium.
November, 2007
Speakin' of new attractions, I moseyed over to the Haunted Mansion that's goin' up in Frontierland. While I was watchin' the work goin' on, I overheard a four-year-old makin' a mighty generous offer. Seems he was offerin' Walt some help if he should run into any trouble findin' occupants for the Haunted Mansion...he told his mother he'd be glad to send Walt some ghosts from one of his nightmares. (Vacationland, winter/spring 1965)
The old (yes. it's a real one) horse-drawn hearse. However, there is no truth to the myth that this is the hearse that transported the body of Brigham Young. Have you noticed that the draw-bar is elevated? Why, it would appear as if a pair of rather "spirited" steeds is hitched up.
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