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Olszewski Release at the Park on September 22, 2007

Posted 09-30-2007 at 12:08 PM by Tahnee
Updated 10-02-2007 at 08:00 PM by Tahnee
I was at the Park for the release of the Carnation Gardens, Adventureland/Frontierland Gateways and two Accessory Packs. This was the first time that I was at a release event, so I was excited. I was at the Park at around 7:00 a.m., hoping I would find a good place in line. I had my pick of which gate to stand in front of. I wondered which gate would open first, "Would they all open at the same time? or Would one gate open sooner then the others?" I did not know the answer to these questions so I chose the gate closest to the Disneyana shop. I was the second person in line. The fellow standing in front of me was a veteran at Olszewski release events so I felt confident that I had chosen a good spot.

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Name:	IMG_4260_2_1.JPG
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ID:	8The Early Crowd Before Park Opening, The Man in the Black and Red Jacket in the Front of the Line is the Olszewski Veteran

I started a conversation with the Olszewski veteran and I found out that he attends all the release events, he has all of the Olszewski Main Street pieces, and he gets all of them hand signed with the number "1" next to Olszewski's signature. It seemed as though he enjoyed his Olszewski platform and looked forward to every release. He began talking about his platform and how he had wired everything from under the platform, he described his "n scale" train and how he had all of the accessories. I then started to explain some the things that we were doing to our platform- adding figures, making "nn3" scale trains, etc. Oddly, after hearing a little about our work, he did not seem interested in talking to me anymore. "Was he offended because we had made our own changes instead of using all of Olszewski's work?" . I don't know what he was thinking but luckily Jason called over to me just before I started to feel uncomfortable. Jason had chosen to enter at the "early entry" gates. He explained that the early entry gates would start taking regular entry guests at the opening time so he felt this would give us a little bit of a head start. I explained to him that I was told by the Olszewski veteran that the "early entry" gates would close at about 10 minutes to 8:00 a.m. and re-open at 8:00 a.m. Jason still felt we would be better off at the "early entry" gates so that's where we stayed till opening time. Luckily, at 8:00 a.m. we were at a gate that was one of the first to open. We hurriedly walked to the Disneyana shop and found a short line of about 15-20 people.

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Name:	IMG_4278_1_1.JPG
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ID:	9The Beginning of the Line in Front of Disneyana

Whew, we had done a good job so far and was confident that everything would flow smoothly. While Jason stood in line, I decided to take pictures of Main Street for my website, while I was snapping away, Jason called over to me. Apparently Disneyana started accepting guests in the shop at around 8:30. I didn't expect them to open till 9:00 a.m. So within a few minutes of returning to the line, we were shown to the cash registers to pay for the pieces that we wanted. "Just one of each", we exclaimed. Unfortunately we were told that Accessory Pack #2 was not available and that we could call Delivears on Monday the 24th to order it. After we paid for the pieces we were pointed over to the inspection table.

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Name:	IMG_4302_1_1.JPG
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ID:	10The Inspection Table with Pre-signed Pieces

Two banquet type of tables were positioned next to each other and they were filled with Olszewski pieces. One table was filled with the Carnation Gardens and Accessory Pack #1 and the other with the Frontierland/Adventureland Gateways. Each guest could pick and choose their own piece and cast members were on hand to help check that the lights were working and to answer questions. Once we chose our pieces, a cast member stamped our receipt "received", and we walked across the room to another pair of tables to have our pieces boxed and packaged.

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Name:	IMG_4303_2_1.JPG
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ID:	11The Packaging Table

Hooray! We had made it through the process relatively unscathed and I was glad that we got to choose our own pieces. We've had some bad luck in the past with some of our pieces being slightly damaged. Bob was at a small table for signing and the showing of the upcoming Peter Pan piece.

Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_4304_3_1.JPG
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ID:	12Bob Preparing for the Signing of PiecesClick image for larger version

Name:	IMG_4297_1_1_1.JPG
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Size:	176.7 KB
ID:	13Picture of the Upcoming Peter Pan Piece to be Released on 11/17/07

Travis was in front of Main Street Cinema showing the platform.

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Name:	IMG_4306_1_1.JPG
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ID:	14Travis Preparing the Platform for Showing

Park guests were still in line several hours after the event started.

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Name:	IMG_4282_1_1.JPG
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ID:	15The Olszewski Release Event Line
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