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Olszewski Main Street Electrical Parade Release on March 29, 2008.

Posted 04-06-2008 at 08:26 AM by Tahnee
Updated 04-05-2008 at 08:03 PM by Tahnee
I was anticipating the Main Street Electrical Parade(MSEP) release for months, mainly because the release event would be combined with the Golden Horseshoe Tribute Event, honoring Wally Boag, at the nearby Sheraton. Jason and I arrived late for the Olszewski release, we were at the gates at 7:45 a.m. and the park opened at 8:00 a.m. A good place in line requires arrival by 7:00 a.m. I was not too disappointed because my back-up plan was to order the piece online on April 2nd if for some reason I could not buy the MSEP. Sure enough, we did not receive a bracelet to purchase the piece. We got our place in line in front of the Showcase building and the line started at Disneyana, so we were surprised to hear that we would not receive a bracelet.

The Line from Disneyana

The Line in front of the Showcase Building

Rumor has it that only 100 bracelets were provided because part of the shipment was delayed in customs. That means that Disneyana had only 200 pieces available for the event since every bracelet allows the purchase of 2 pieces. The Cast members were advising us that even though the bracelets were given out, we still had a chance to purchase the MSEP since some bracelet holders were only purchasing one piece. Those interested in left over MSEPs would have to come back at 1:00 p.m. I recorded a Cast memberís spiel to guests waiting in line:


Hardy Har Har

I have several comments to make about the purchasing process. First of all, I canít believe that Hardy, the Cast member in the spiel, did not know how many pieces were available for purchase. I believe he conveniently side stepped the issue. The reason for not disclosing the number of pieces is likely because he did not want to upset guests who came to the park for the release event only to find out that 200 pieces were available. Disneyland should let park guests know ahead of time how many pieces will be available so that Guests can plan accordingly. Iím sure that some people drive long distances for the release event, only to be turned away because not enough pieces are available. Disney can easily make these announcements both online at www.disneygallery.com and at Disneyana by displaying a sign or placard indicating the number of pieces that will be available. Hmmm, is Disney just not thinking the process through or do they just like the idea of having as many people as possible come to the Park. After thinking about this for awhile, I believe that the selling process is inconsistent and sometimes unfair for a couple of reasons. First, cast members change from event to event so some events run more smoothly than others- the selling process is not always the same. Second, a event release is only one of many hundreds of things that Disneyland has to manage on a day to day basis so it is not likely a priority of theirs. Jason also adamantly believes that the pieces should be limited to one per guest on release day. Jason says that those who buy two are likely the ebay sellers. Personally, Iíd much rather see a Park Guest receive a piece than see it later that day on ebay for twice the price!

Jason and I decided to order the piece online and enjoy our day at the Park instead of waiting in line for hours for something that we may not even be able to purchase. We were, however, offered a MSEP by our friend Dave who had received a bracelet and was only purchasing one MSEP. Jason and I were tempted, but we decided to purchase the piece online and let those waiting in line purchase the remaining pieces.

We chatted with Travis for a short while and took photos of the action outside of Disneyana and videoed some of his conversation concerning future releases:

Video of Travis Speaking About Future Releases

Avid Olszewski Fans?

The Display Case Outside of Disneyana

Close-up of the Display Case Outside of Disneyana

Travis Setting Up the Platform Outside of Disneyana

The Olszewski Platform

Close-Up of the MSEP

In closing, I was able to gain entry to Disneyana for some quick photos of the Moonliner which is expected to be released by August and I also snapped some photos of Pokitpals.

Tomorrowland's Moonliner




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