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Modifying Olszewski Main Street Pieces

Posted 09-11-2007 at 10:44 PM by Tahnee
I'm not a modeler, Jason my partner in crime is a modeler. So when it came to modifying the Olszewski pieces I was not enthused, "You're going to do what to my City Hall!", was my oft response. Whether it's a $200 piece or a $200,000 piece, Jason will make it into something he wants. Once I saw the results of his work, I was on board, pulling trees and lights and relishing it! I know I probably could never place these modified pieces on ebay and get the market price for them- but then again I don't plan to put it on ebay, I want to enjoy it and pass it on for others to enjoy. So my point is there are all kinds of ways to get more enjoyment from these pieces and many different degrees of modification or addition. A collector, wishing to keep the integrity of a piece, can easily add "n scale" figures to their layout. Those wishing to venture a little more can replace lamps and trees. Others can paint their own cast members. What's cool is that the more we work on our layout, the more ideas we come up with. "What about a light in Walt's window?" Walt used to keep his light on when he was in his apartment to let people know he was in the park. "What about loading up the Main Street vehicles with guests?" Buying and collecting is just part of the picture, the question is how can we enjoy these pieces even more? For some its leaving them alone, for others like Jason and I its modifying them to our liking while still holding a deep respect for its original artist.
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