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Main Street Stage


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Modeled Main Street Stage


The modified platform has outlived its useful purpose for us. The modeled platform will allow us to put all of our Main Street U.S.A. pieces in their correct locations and properly connect the other realms of the Park.

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Modified Platform


"...if the individual wants a larger experience, then the transformation from collector to hobbyist needs to occur. This transformation will begin as soon as you start to remove the buildings from their bases and place them into the platform unit. By the time the track is in place and the train is operational you will have developed a high comfort level in working with the platform and most importantly, grasping a sense of ownership...My final thought is this. As you gain more confidence when working with the base you should feel free to alter it in anyway and in any direction your imaginations can take you. The model train industry is overflowing with great accents for you to add to your base. We have given you the start, where you take it from here will be up to you. This is where the real fun will begin".
Robert Olszewski (Olszewski Studios Website)

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Olszewski Platform


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Side by Side- Modeled Main Street Stage


Identical bridges? Here is my modeled bridge compared with Disneyland's. There's just one little difference: the bridge I made is for the main access to Carnation Gardens directly from the Central Plaza while the bridge shown in the old postcard was replaced sometime in the 1990s. The design of the two is remarkably similar, wouldn't you agree? While the design is the same the Carnation Gardens bridge is actually much wider. Model photos of the current bridge by the castle can be found in the "agidistrict Platform" album.

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Random files
I found our street piece was a bit low in front of City Hall which had the effect of creating a very tall curb there. To remedy this I used some .100" styrene strip and glued it to the street edge following the curb. I was careful not to glue it to the City Hall base. The styrene set the new street level so the next step was to sand the ends gently to blend them out to the "good" street level on either side. Then, after masking off the trolly tracks, I used plastic auto body filler (Bondo) to fill in the new street. In this view the tracks have been masked and I'm ready to add the filler.
Here is the swan barrier (fence) attached to the underside of the bridge.
My design for audio effects to be triggered by the passing Omnibus calls for 14 magnetic reed switches. Here are the 2 recesses for switches to be triggered as the bus leaves the Town Square stop. The recesses are made by first dilling 2 holes for the switch leads and then using a Dremel tool with an 1/8" ball cutter bit to create the 'trough' between them. The trick is to make the recesses just deep enough for the switches to lie about .010" bellow the surface of the roadway.

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