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Main Street Stage


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Here's a quick peek at our Disneyland RR right-of-way under construction. The old foam roadbed was removed (along with the tracks) and a sturdy 'permanent' roadbed of 3/8" bass wood replaces it. At the point where the clamp is (to the left of the frame) a removable bridge will be built. At Disneyland, this RR bridge is necessary to allow vehicles access to the backstage area behind the west side of Main Street. The vehicle roadway which passes beneath the RR tracks dips down sharply to allow clearance for the Omnibus which parks behind Adventureland and in proximity of "The Indiana Jones Adventure." A lot of guests onboard the trains aren't even aware they cross this bridge just after leaving Main Street station. The bridge is actually much wider than the RR tracks require because it also supports a landscaped berm to conceal the view of the backstage area behind City Hall! Next time you ride the trains at the Park see if you can detect this landscaping as you cross over the span. Also, while riding the Monorail on the return leg from the Disneyland Hotel, look to your left as you pass the Indiana Jones show building and, if you're lucky, you might see an Omnibus parked behind the jungle of Adventureland. More photos of this RR right-of-way project coming soon.

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