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Main Street Stage


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This is a close-up of some cracks I've created by lightly scratching them in with a hobby knife using the back edge of a #11 blade. Thinned flat black paint was flowed into the lines prior to the painting of the roadway.
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This is how the street looks around the Firehouse after the complete painting process has been done. All that's left to do is install the man-hole covers, some diamond plate details, and some minor touch-up. Well, I still have to paint the gutters which is the white 'line' at the lower right corner of the photo.
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The red lines here are flexible vinyl 1/4" masking tape over the path between the rails that the horses use. This area appears lighter so I masked it to protect it from overspray from the roadway painting process.
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Here's how our Ultra-Board Main Street looks positioned on our platform.
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