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In 1998, the Moonliner made its re-entry to earth's atmosphere and landed out front of Redd Rockett's Pizza Port. This is the third Moonliner constructed.
You know, Art Linkletter was sure right when he said kids say the darndest things. Don Rittman, who works in Disneyland's Mad Hatter Hat Shop told me (the Main Streeter, ed.) this one. Seems like a little boy noticed the authentic-looking vapor trailing from the Tomorrowland Rocket to the Moon, and very excitedly ran up to the Space Man and informed him, "Hey Mister, you left your motor running!" (Vacationland, fall 1963)
With the Douglas sponsorship in 1962 came a couple of minor detail changes to the DC-78 rocket: a conical shaped metal ring was added to the bottom of the fuselage, a vapor emitting effect installed; and a blinking red light was placed on the tip of the needle nose. Upon close inspection, in this photo you can see that the port hole on the left leg of the Douglas "A" has been painted over.
Russians have provided plenty of "hot-copy" with their reactions to Disneyland. A group from the Moscow Symphony Orchestra proved no exception. Reporters covering their tour were anxious to obtain a photo of the Soviet citizens near the Rocket to the Moon in Tomorrowland, and through an interpreter finally managed to convey their request to the group. Animated discusion among the Russians followed. Finally, a chorus of laughter broke out, and the smiling interpreter turned to the reporters. "They want to know," he said, "whether your government will guarantee the return trip!" (Vacationland, Winter 1961-62)
A popular feature at Disneyland is the many costumed characters the roam the Park posing for photographers. Well, it happens that in Tomorrowland the characters are a spaceman and space girl. The spaceman, a towering (6'9") student from Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, Calif., is named John Glenn. That's right, his real name is John Glenn. It seems that when John poses with youngsters he usually starts a conversation by asking his admirers where they are from. Well, one tiny 5-year-old was asked the question to which he peered upward and meekly replied to Glenn: "I'm from earth." (Vacationland, Fall 1962)
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