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      Robert Olszewski's first "Main Street Collection" piece, Sleeping Beauty Castle, inspired me to undertake this project. I was very impressed with Mr. Olszewski's amazing ability to capture the minute details of Disneyland's iconic center piece. At the time, I was unaware that Mr. Olszewski would be releasing other park pieces. As new sculptures were released, I knew that it was time to begin work on the model.
      This site will allow you to follow my progress and along the way I will be adding additional details to the pieces and fabricating entire areas and structures. Some modification to the bases of the Olszewski sculptures will also be necessary in order for them to be positioned accurately. The model will not be an exact-scale miniature but I will endeavor to construct it as accurately as possible. The model will represent the park as it was on its 50th Anniversary but I will make exceptions based on personal preference. You will quickly discover that I have made different choices with the Main Street, USA area of this model than with Mr. Olszewski's Main Street Platform display. I will explain these in the corresponding files and pages. I will also be sharing knowledge of the park's history and anecdotal information relating to Disneyland's attractions and buildings. I hope you find this endeavor entertaining and I encourage you to ask questions or submit additional information.

Thank you, Jason Boye